The Most Expensive Gaming Chair Ever!!!

The Emperor 200 is for gamers with way too much cash!

For those gamers who don’t mind spending a small fortune on their gaming set-up, where money is no object, then check this gaming chair out.


The Emperor 200 is the ultimate in custom-made gaming chairs. It’s the Ferrari of gaming workstations and comes in at the same price as a top of the range BMW 3 series!!

If you have a spare $44,750 in your pockets and you want some serious gaming fun, then the Emperor 200 is the gaming chair for you. It’s made by the awesome guys over at Modern Work Environment Lab in Canada.



The gaming chair is loaded up to the gills, as you can imagine it would be for the price. It has a three-monitor display that comfortably bends over the user so that it falls seamlessly into their line of sight.

There’s also three 24 inch LED touch-screens, air filtration system so that you are constantly breathing in clean hair and keeping your lungs nice and clear, and mind focused. Then to make this chair even more awesome, the Emperor 200 also has light therapy built into it, which gives gamers an unbeleiveable gaming experience as well as a load of vitamin D, so they don’t even have to break and get some sun rays!
It’s not surprising that some of the features on the Emperor 200’s is similar to what you would find in a top of the range car. It has motorized seat adjustments, and a badass THX surround sound system to enhance your gaming sessions even more! Some might say that the Emperor 200 is a bit overkill for your normal gamer, especially with the air filtration features. Is it really necessary to breath in clean and filtrated air while you play video games?? Is it really needed to have a light therapy system as well?. Save yourself a fortune and step outside in the sun every so often.

Fear not for those who can’t afford such gaming luxury. There are cheaper alternatives out there. Meet the Emperor 1510. It’s still an amazing piece of kit, even though its a fraction of what the Emperor 200 costs. $6200 will land you the stripped down version of the Emperor 200, mainly because there is no air filtration system nor is there any light therapy. But what you do get is LED lighting and a rather loud BOSE speaker sound system, which is still good.

Here’s some spec for the Emperor 200

  • Hand built to your exact requirements (which will presumably increase with use)
  • Touch screen control centre
  • Air filtering system (in case smoke or crisp crumbs obscure your vision)
  • Light therapy (because you’re not going outside mate)
  • An Italian leather, fully adjustable seat
  • Up to 3 27″ LED screens and a variety of computer spec options
  • Bose sound system



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