X Rocker Pro H3 Gaming chair Review

Games and consoles have become more advanced, so our chairs have to do the same. No longer will sitting on a couch or a bean bag cut it. The X Rocker Pro 51259 H3 Gaming Chair brings an entirely new experience to gaming the world has never before seen. Now, you may wonder why a gaming chair is different than a regular chair. First and foremost, it boasts features that other chairs just can’t match.

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After a long gaming session in a normal chair, you may feel a bit cramped. Maybe a bit of pain in the lower back from hunching forward to see, or the way you need to hold your head to accommodate headphones. With the H3, none of that is necessary. It boasts an ergonomic design with incredibly comfort arm rests. You can sit down in the chair and immediately find a comfortable position to sit in, but be warned: it’s easy to fall asleep while in the chair. Yes, it is that comfortable.

The rounded bottom makes it easy to rock back and forth in the chair, but there is no catch on the back, so be careful. It’s easy to rock too far back and fall almost with an almost comedic effect backwards. It’s even easier to forget this fact when you’re engaged in an intense multiplayer session.
Two built in speakers behind the headrest and two more at the base of the chair provide surround sound. The connection points are on the right side of the chair, with volume, bass, and treble controls, as well as SGA ports to connect the console. There are also ports you can connect an iPod or mp3 player to if you just want to relax and listen to music.
Unlike many other chairs, the H3 is also extraordinarily durable. It can take a lot of abuse, which is especially important when you’re going to spend several hours a day (or more) in the chair fragging enemies on Halo. The padded headrest is extremely comfortable, and the height of the back support is sufficient for both children and adults.
Audio Quality
Each of the four speakers is connected to a central, powerful subwoofer. You don’t just hear the sound — you feel it. The chair makes use of Ace Bayou’s AFM Technology, which means it will vibrate with the sound on screen. Between your controllers vibrating in your hand and the chair vibrating underneath you, this gaming chair helps create an immersive experience which is hard to explain.
The chair boasts a built in radio wireless receiver. This allows it to connect wireless and transmit sound through RCA outputs. The chair will still need to be powered, however, so it must be located somewhat close to a power outlet.
Built in vibration monitors can direct the sound and vibration from a specific direction. If a grenade explodes in-game to your left, the left side of the chair will vibrate. These features help to create an immersive experience that no normal chair could provide.
Unfortunately, no product is perfect. The H3’s power cord is oddly short for a device used for this purpose, which will sometimes making finding a free power socket difficult. However, it can be used with an extension cord if necessary.
The chair is also rather bulky and hard to move, especially for children. While this is in no way prohibitive, people with back issues may find it difficult to maneuver the chair where they want it to go.
Overall, this chair is a fine investment. At just around $170, it’s less than the price of a new console and much more affordable than comparable chairs. And because it connects to so many devices, it can be used in a home theater just as easily as it can be used for gaming purposes. The sound quality is spectacular, and while it doesn’t match the quality of high-priced studio headphones, it’s more than sufficient to give gamers an edge in a multiplayer match. You’ll be able to hear the sound of someone sneaking up on you before they have a chance to surprise you.

The design of this chair is a major selling point. It’s comfortable and sturdy. You can count on several years of use before it shows signs of age, and cleaning the chair is easy. Spilling a drink or two won’t affect it much. It’s comfortable enough to accommodate marathon gaming sessions with ease, and the perfect way to relax at the end of the day with some music.

It makes a great gift for a gamer if you yourself aren’t one, and is perfect for the holiday season.

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