It’s easy to imagine a stereotypically nice desk. Images come to mind of rich wood, perhaps sleek metal, glass tops, and attached bookshelves. For a PC gamer, however, there’s more to a desk than simply impressing a client or employees. PC gaming is itself a hobby which involves a lot more sitting around than most, so an ergonomic desk of the right shape is key to keeping yourself comfortable and attentive. In order to determine which desk fits best, there are several things to consider.

As with real estate, an important part of choosing a desk is location, location, location. The space you have to work with will determine what you will ultimately be able to use. A large, L-shaped desk can be comfortably spacious and leave plenty of room for more monitors, but if it can’t fit in the space you have, it just won’t work. Take a look at the room you’d like to put your desk in and measure the available space. How deep can your desk be with at least three feet left to move your chair? What length of space is available for your desk–and, again, your chair? A less common question to ask yourself may be whether or not you will have room for pedal and steering wheel controllers. Storing them near your gaming PC is a handy solution, and the right desk can ensure you have room for it.

There are a variety of desk shapes to choose from, whether simple rectangles or complicated L-shaped setups. Rectangular desks are the most versatile, easily arranged against a wall or in a corner. Typically, the keyboard tray is located in the middle of the desk, leaving room on either side for drawers and the CPU. They tend to require less space than other models, and in case of reselling later on, can be used for much more than just gaming.

Different Types and Shapes Of Gaming Desks

L-shaped desks require more space, but allow greater freedom of movement. The keyboard tray may not always be in the place you prefer it, so be sure to keep that in mind when choosing a desk. Unless you’ve settled for good on your gaming space, pick a two-piece L-shaped desk for use at different angles in a room. The amount of room your chair needs will likely expand with an L-shaped desk. Picture the desk from above and complete the rectangle that the L forms one corner of. That space is about how much your chair will need for movement. In a small space, use this knowledge to avoid boxing yourself in.

Barring any radical modern designs, the last and most common shape is the corner desk. This desk is perhaps the most suited to most gaming, allowing the monitor to be placed in the corner itself. Extra monitors can be added radially from the central monitor with ease, and will fit comfortably along the sides of the corner. The desk surface leaves plenty of room around the monitor for keyboards, joysticks, speed pads, and any other equipment you may prefer. A corner desk can be used in more than just the corner; consider placing it with one side against a wall and the other in open air for a more open floor plan. As always, consider how much space your chair will need to move. A corner desk tends to discourage the chair from moving much from side to side, but you will still need room to move your chair straight out from the desk itself.

Make Sure You Have Enough Space

When ordering a gaming desk online, ensure that you have enough space to assemble the desk itself. It is best to assemble it closest to where it will be used. If this isn’t possible, make sure you can fit it through any doorways or tight spaces that it will be carried through. As with any large move, it’s best to have a friend who can help you lift. However if no one is available to help, try moving it yourself with a simple trick. On a hardwood or otherwise smooth floor, place a folded towel under two legs, then lift the other end yourself and push. On carpet, place a stiff piece of smooth plastic or cardboard under the legs. These will allow you to slide the desk along either surface with ease. Once the desk is in position, simply lift the legs up to remove the towel, cardboard, or plastic.

Consider Ergonomics When Choosing A Gaming Desk

Finding an ergonomic desk is the next step, and unfortunately there is no guaranteed “one size fits all” desk. Your own measurements are the deciding factor. When seated at a desk, your knees should bend at a near perfect 90ยบ angle with your feet flat on the floor. Your arms should hang straight, down to the elbow, and your keyboard should end up about at level with your elbows. These factors combine to encourage good posture and relaxed joints, two very important considerations for a past time that may go on for several hours at a time. Good posture will prevent shoulder aches, neck cramps, and back aches, so don’t be tempted by a desk that looks great but doesn’t fit your body properly.

There are many options for the desk surface’s material. Depending on how you prefer to set up your space–and depending on how often you use the top surface instead of the keyboard tray–you may consider other options. Every surface will eventually get small scratches in it, whether it is wood, laminate, metal, or even glass. There are many easy methods for refurbishing a scratched surface, no matter the material. Remember to consider the weight of your gaming equipment when choosing a desk. Tempered glass, while attractive, has an easily calculated weight limit to keep in mind.

A gaming desk sees a lot of continuous use, whether while playing one session for long periods or shorter matches in quick succession. The quality of your desk is of utmost importance, and the warranty can give you a better idea of how long you can expect the desk to last. A one-year warranty can hint at lower quality or cheaper materials, while a longer warranty will last substantially longer.

Cornering the Market: The Best L-Shaped Corner Desks on Amazon


1. The Techni Mobili Hip Black Glass Corner Computer Desk

The Techni Mobili Hip Black Glass Corner Computer Desk

When choosing a gaming desk style an L-shaped design keeps the functionality aspect of gaming at the forefront, as two gaming platforms can easily share the same space with ample room for accoutrements. The Techni Mobili Hip Black Glass Corner Computer Desk in Black ($265.99) is a stunner, with a sleek chromed-steel frame supporting a gorgeous, mirror-like black desktop. You won’t find any flimsy plastic here; tempered glass and steel comprise a sturdy desk while retaining a delicately modern style. The slide-out keyboard tray is a must-have for space saving.


2. Walker Edison 3-Piece Contemporary Glass and Steel Desk

Walker Edison 3-Piece Contemporary Glass and Steel Desk

For a heightened social gaming experience, look to the Walker Edison 3-Piece Contemporary Glass and Steel Desk in Silver ($109.99). The Walker Edison model allows keyboard tray mounting on either side of the L-shaped desk, potentially allowing two players to occupy the same area. A convenient CPU stand descends below the corner nexus, however the desk may be separated into two free-standing furnishings as needed. A bonus for customization-conscious gamers: the tempered yet transparent glass is perfect for colorful LED lighting.


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3. Prepac White Floating Desk with Storage
Prepac White Floating Desk with Storage

If space is high priority, extend your search beyond the standard L-shaped corner desk and into the realm of the compact gaming desk. The myriad options available on Amazon mean you will never have to feel as though you are sacrificing style for practicality. The Prepac White Floating Desk with Storage ($148.56) is a rare combination of aesthetic beauty and space-saving optimization. Prepac’s wall-mounted desk in wintry white keeps all the necessary equipment elevated. The central cavity supports a desktop or laptop computer with substantial room for a mouse and keyboard, while speakers and game cases will fit neatly into the two detachable side-mounted shelves. The cable management system is a finishing touch on this beautiful piece with a hint of futurist design.



4. Techni Mobili Mobile Upright MDF Computer Desk

Techni Mobili Mobile Upright MDF Computer Desk

For a compact gaming desk with more mobility and ease of assembly than wall-mounted furnishings, consider the Techni Mobili Mobile Upright MDF Computer Desk in Graphite ($89.99), a workhorse forged from powder-coated steel. With this offering, Techni Mobili again delivers the industry standard that is their hallmark. The innovative philosophy of the skyscraper — build up, not out — has clearly been applied here, with three vertical shelves easily capable of supporting multiple devices. The slide-out CPU tray and sliding keyboard tray place this desk deservedly among the ranks of Amazon’s most highly-reviewed gaming desks.


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5. Atlantic Gaming Desk


When is a gaming desk more than a gaming desk? When it supports a laptop or desktop computer and a flat-screen television up to 40 lbs, offers varied shelving options perfect for gaming accessories and comes complete with a drink holder, speaker trays, a charging station for multiple electronic devices and a cable management system to keep unruly cables organized. The Atlantic Gaming Desk ($107.99) is that desk. A juggernaut of form and function composed of sturdy steel and black PVC, Atlantic’s design is sure to satisfy the requirements of even the most discerning consumer. Buyers also have the option of purchasing the item complete with an accompanying office chair, an ideal choice for first-time college students.


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6. Wood Computer Desk in Black and Cherry Finish by Studio RTA


There are times when the world of gaming must seamlessly integrate with professional matters. Perhaps your career is indeed gaming-related, or perhaps you need your home office to pull double duty as a gaming area. Whatever the case may be, there is an excellent fit for any home as Studio RTA proves with the Wood Computer Desk in Black and Cherry Finish ($256.51). Steel mesh supports compose the framework for lush cherry-tinted panels that nest into one another with ease. This desk is much more than what it seems; at first glance as stately and sturdy as an old study, yet upon a deeper examination it reveals itself to be rich with exciting possibilities of multi-platform and dual-monitor gaming. Caster wheels on the bottom keep this heavy hitter lighter than air.



7. Bell’O 47-Inch Computer Desk with Curved Wood

BellO 47-Inch Computer Desk with Curved Wood

For sheer visual appeal, no other gaming desk comes close to Bell’O’s 47-Inch Computer Desk with Curved Wood in Espresso ($246.99). Poised directly at the meeting of exquisite and evocative of power, this classic model from Bell’O boasts authentic wood and glass construction in a harmoniously curving design reminiscent of the Far East. Don’t mistake this executive-worthy desk for just a pretty face; with a roomy workspace, cable management system and sliding keyboard tray, this desk suits even the most exacting needs of both the gamer and the professional.


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8. Comfort Products 50-1001 Stanton Computer Desk with Pullout Keyboard Tray


A budget buy shouldn’t have to be a second choice. Creative consumers and pioneering companies have shown time and time again that function and style are both possible without spending exorbitant amounts of money. Comfort Products is one such company, and their elegant Stanton Computer Desk with Pullout Keyboard Tray in Black ($52.99) exemplifies this brilliant ideology. The lightweight Stanton supports up to 150 lbs comfortably, ensuring that gamers will be able to make full use of the spacious desktop. A sliding keyboard tray adds more minimalist visual appeal for an organized gaming station. If needed, the bottom storage shelf will effortlessly bolster a CPU.



9. Furinno 11193EX/BK/BR Go Green Home Laptop Notebook Computer Desk/Table

Furinno 11193EX-BK-BR-Go Green Home Laptop Notebook Computer Desk-Table

Gamers searching even the most high-end home furnishings will be hard-pressed to find an item as unique as this thoughtfully designed desk. Fashioned from recycled materials, The Furinno Go Green Home Laptop Notebook Computer Desk/Table in Espresso ($46.67) is the rare option that is at once environmentally conscious, wallet-conscious and geared for fun. Furinno’s gaming desk comes with a built-in side storage component, ideal for storing both a CPU and a game collection. Two canvas pull-out drawers snugly nestled beneath the broad desktop will keep small items handy.