Best 4k Gaming TV for 2017

Best 4k Gaming Tv

Gamers are a special group of people who need specific things from a TV to provide them with the perfect gaming experience they deserve. For a serious gamer, a TV that provides not only a phenomenal picture quality, but reduces lag or ghosting, must be a top priority. Many TV manufacturers have come up with creative ways to bypass the display lags experienced by gamers in TVs such as availing gaming mode functionality that is configured to make the device process the information promptly with a press of a gamepad button or a joystick. It makes the action happening on the TV screen to be real and responsive enough in response to the gamer’s command.

Serious gamers also require a TV to have parts of the image, e.g, the heads up, to remain as static as possible to the images extended. It has been integrated in different ways depending on the TV brand and the manufacturer’s preference.

Buying the ideal TV that will effectively work with your gaming consoles such as Xbox and PS4 takes a little bit of thought and exploration. However, my free and impartial advice goes like this, a serious TV for a serious gamer should be feature laden, with a high refresh rate and plenty of inputs for versatility. If the TV you are interested in doesn’t have these things, move on and look for a TV furnished with relevant features that will guarantee the best gaming experience.

In this post, we have handpicked some of the best TVs currently in the market that have a cutting edge technology that will integrate well with your gaming consoles to give you the perfect match of a powerhouse gaming station.

Samsung UN46H7150

The Samsung UN46H7150 is a 4K TV that, for gamers,  is bound to satisfy. Once you get the right settings for the TV, it becomes so enjoyable. It features a powerful LED edge backlight integrated with black levels that make it dispense high quality pictures compared to several LED TVs currently in the market.

The images created as a result of a high-tech mixture of color and contrast from the manufacturer are superior and will give you a perfect display of gaming images. It also features a system that allows light flow through the LED backlights to blend in with the coloring of the surrounding.

One of the benefits of using this TV is that it is simple to maneuver your way through the game mode. You simply dial main menu then system then general and finally game mode. You can also adjust the 3D depth in the settings.
The Samsung also comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

Hisense 50H7GB2 50-Inch 4K Smart Tv

The Hisense 50H7GB2 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV is brought to you by a good brand, and highly ranked TV manufacturers who have won many awards for their exceptional work. It comes loaded with features that specially designed for gamers thus giving you real value for your money. For example, the LED backlight from this TV delivers vibrant and incredibly realistic images.
The TV has four times more pixels (2160) that will perfectly shape up you gaming experience by making images move up close and personal.

The Ultra smooth motion rate feature having a 48 refresh rate in this TV ensures that you play very fast games without motion blur and stoppages. It also features a 10W inbuilt speakers integrated with the dbx-tv technology that enhances the audio base in this device making you feel like you are in a real gaming arena.

The benefit of this TV is that it also comes with a four-year warranty that covers both parts and service. It is also cheap compared to other TV brands in its category.

Samsung UN65KU7500 Curved 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model)

The UN65KU7500 7 series is a 65- inch behemoth from one of the greatest electronic manufacturers of all time, Samsung. This piece of a machine has just moved 4k gaming a notch higher with its wide array of fascinating features.
Its curved nature gives it an edge in making you part and parcel of gaming, and the active crystal colour complamented with UHD Dimming provides a phenomenal viewing experience. It makes you feel more personal with the game and offers a greater sense of depth, which is a good thing for a gaming TV.

It features LED lighting system with the LED clusters positioned behind its screen giving it more lighting control thus producing high-quality images that make you want to touch the screen.

The TV images processing is highly boosted with a potent quad-core processing engine that give it an edge in processing images quickly hence giving you fast gaming action. It is also light with outstanding contrast and a slick Tizen OS.

Panasonic 60″ Premiere 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, TC-60CX800U

The Panasonic Premiere TC-60CX800U is a beast of a 4K Ultra HD TV, that comes furnished with the latest technology for serious gamers. It has a powerful resolution that delivers four times that of a normal HD TV. The key feature of this tv includes a 60-inch LCD screen with direct LED lighting for perfectly palpable display of game images, Firmware update for HDR capability and also Mozilla Firefox Smart screen system.

It has a detailed sounding system with a dynamic and reasonably spread bass perfectly ideal for fanatic gamers. It also has considerably deep black levels that can pick up even the tiniest details from an image. The coloring system of the machine is also accurate, and you can upscale normal HD for a 4K boost. The TV is considerably cheap against competitors within it’s range.

Samsung UN65JS8500 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV

It’s normal appearance will make you think that it is just a simple one among a bunch of normal TVs. Samsung UN65JS8500 is loaded with riveting features that will throw you off your feet while using the tv. It features a 65 inch LCD screen accompanied by perfect LED lighting giving it an edge over other LED TVs in the 4k gaming field.
Its high performance is major marker of the real strength and capability of this TV. It is integrated with the Samsung smart tv system that makes possible to use the TV for a variety of purposes.

The TV also has three USB ports for playback videos, photos and also music files. The 3D display of this machine looks sharp and clean with no blurry images on the screen. The sound system features 12 W inbuilt speakers making it command a powerful and quality audio output

Samsung UN65JS8500 is enriched with superb 2D and 3D picture quality with content rich smart tv system. Also, the setup is pretty much pleasing since it has very flexible list of features.

LG 55EF9500

The LG 55EF9500 4k smart TV is laden with features that blends well with what you are looking for as a gamer. The key features of this piece of high – tech production from LG include the following;
• A 55 – inch LCD screen screen.
• OLED lighting system
• Curved screen that gives palpable image display
• Thetv also supports HDR (High Dynamic Range)
• Smart tv system equipped with WebOS 2.0

The LG 55EF9500 is a hugely impressive TV that attests to the milestone development made by LG in making high-quality 4K OLED TVs. The TV has a good and simple interface with several additional features such as the BBC iPlayer and the Demand 5 features. The sound system is made of 12w double speakers that give a simply incredible audio output.

It also has fascinating contrast and black level OLED panels to give you real value for your money.

LG 55EG960V

If you want a TV that gives an excellent option for gaming with realistic color rendition with customized picture setting then LG 55EG960V is among the perfect matches for you. It is a future laden piece of machine with all the functionalities a serious gamer would want. It is also the first 4K OLED tv to arrive on the market from LG. Its main features include;
• A 55- inch screen with OLED highlight.
• An original 4k resolution that is four times the normal full HD.
• A smart tv functionality with WebOS 2.0 Operating system.
• HDR compatibility enabled through the firmware update.
• Curved Ultra HD screen design.

The best thing about this tv is its image rendering capability. It produces Gorgeous and contrast-rich images that make gaming real. The fascinating super slim structure gives it an edge over other TVs in its category. It is also relatively cheaper.

Samsung UE65JS9500

The Samsung UE65JS9500 is another outstanding TV from one of the biggest electronics producers globally. It comes with features that make gaming stand out dramatically; it makes it realistic. Playing a game using this TV makes you feel part and parcel of the game. Its features include;
• A 65-inch LCD TV screen accompanied by a direct LED lighting system placed in the background of the screen.
• It is also integrated with a high dynamic range support.
• Has the Quantum Dot Colour technology
• it has a 10 W double speakers that are inbuilt.
• It Has a Tizen Smart TV system.

One of the features you will really as a gamer is the speakers. The speakers are so good at handling treble and bass details to give the vocals a well rounded and clean impression.

The TV also has a coloring system that is vivid and subtle and a phenomenal 3D performance to which makes more suitable to handle any game with any graphic specification. The screen is also responsive enough to guarantee gamers fast and real action.

Samsung UE65JS9500 also has upgradable connectivity processors that ensure that you keep up with the latest feature releases from the manufacturer, Samsung. The incredible HDR picture rendering Combined with the slick and helpful Tizen OS makes this TV one of a kind 4K TV series to purchase. Though slightly expensive it gives you a real value for your money.

LG 65EF950V

Currently, LG has been very active in producing 4k smart TVs with the 65EF950V being the third release in 2015 with OLED Screens. If you are the kind who likes LG products, but don’t like the idea of Curved screens, then this is the perfect TV for you. It is special tv because it is the first flat screen OLED TVs from LG. Key features include;
• A 65- inch flat screen.
• 4K OLED tv directly situated at the back.
• Smart Tv system with WebOs.
• USB and DLNA support.

It is also a perfect brand for the pundit and serious gamers. It has a fascinating black level and contrast that bring out the game images clearly and to every single detail. The OLED lighting system is another feature that makes the tv perfect for gamers. The system produces a sense of dynamism, which very few can keep up with.
Probably, it is going to bring a fuzz in the electronic world come 2016. Watch out for this brand in the coming year.

Sony XBR65X900B.65-Inch

The Sony XBR65X900B 65 deserves bragging rights for sitting at the top of the Sony’s most incredible line of 4k TVs. It is a striking monster piece of equipment any gamer would want for a real gaming experience. It key features include;
• A 65-inch LCD screen accompanied by a direct LED lighting system.
• 5-inch speakers
• Smart v system operating on Android OS
• Full HDR supports through the upcoming update.

This TV renders picture qualities with beautiful contrast performance to the highest level not witnessed in other normal 4k smart TVs. It surpasses other TV brands with LED lighting by finely bringing out the black levels so deeply such that they become OLED-like.

The sounding system in this device is just in its league. The sound is simply the best heard from other TVs in the same category. The speakers of this tv deliver a powerful sound with finely tuned bass extension and treble detailing.

Serious gamers need this TV. The screen size, the display, and the sound system is more than what a normal 4k smart TV offers. The price is relatively affordable given the size of the screen and the incredible features that flank this TV. It is also among the best TV screens to buy in 2017.


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