Best 32 Inch Gaming TV For Gamers in 2017

32 Inches of Golden Gaming Experiences 

A gaming console and games are just one step to enjoying games like “Fallout 4” and “The Witcher 3”: You also need a high-quality television to get the most out of your console. With gaming consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 boasting high-definition visuals, you won’t get the full effect of any game on either console when you’re using a television that was best left in 1995. If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, consider a 32-inch gaming television. A 32-inch television is big enough that you can still get the full effect of your gaming console’s high-quality visuals while cheap enough that you’ll still have some money left over to grab some extra games.


32 Inch TV Comparison Table

LG Electronics 32-Inch 720p LED TVRefresh Rate: 60Hz

Backlight: LED

Smart Functionality: No
Avera 32-Inch 720p LED TVRefresh Rate: 60hz (Native)

Backlight: LED (Full Array w/ Local Dimming)

Inputs: 3 HDMI, 1 USB, 1MHL
VIZIO 32-Inch 720p LED TVFull-Array LED Backlight

2 HDMI ports

USB multimedia port
TCL 32D2700 32-Inch 720p LED TVRefresh Rate: 60Hz (Native); 120Hz (Effective)

Backlight: LED (Full Array)

2 HDMI, 1 USB, RF, Composite & Component (shared), Digital Audio Out (coaxial)
Sony KDL32W600D 32-Inch Built-In Wi-FiRefresh Rate: 60Hz (Native); Motionflow XR 240 (Effective)

Backlight: Direct-Lit LED

Inputs: 2 HDMI (HDCP 1.4), 2 USB
Element 32" LCD 720p 60Hz HDTVBuilt-in Digital Tuner ATSC/NTSC

3 HDMI Inputs

3D Y/C Digital Comb Filter
Proscan PLDED3276A 32-Inch LED TVHDMI, VGA, YPbPr, AV Audio/Video, PC Audio, Headphone, Coaxial Out, RF

60Hz Refresh Rate

16:9 Aspect Ratio
Samsung UN32J4000 32-Inch 720p LED TVRefresh Rate: 60CMR (Effective)

Backlight: LED

Inputs: 2 HDMI, 1 USB
Samsung 32" Class 1080p LED Smart HDTV with Full Web BrowserResolution: 1080p

Refresh Rate: 60Hz

HDMI Inputs: 2

Built-in Wi-Fi
Full Web Browser
Samsung UN32J5205 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TVSmart Functionality

Built in Wi-Fi

Inputs: 2 HDMI, 1 USB



LG Electronics 32-Inch 720p LED TV

The LG Electronics 32-Inch 720p LED TV is a great low-cost gaming TV to get you started. What this television lacks in bells and whistles, it makes up for in price, clocking in at under $200 in many retail stores. With a refresh rate of 60Hz and an LED backlight, this TV will make the visuals of any video game look silky smooth. With a maximum resolution of 720p, you’ll spot objects in the distance you wouldn’t see on a regular television. You will never miss a shot in “Destiny: The Taken King” again!

With three HDMI slots, you have enough room to hook up all three current generation systems: Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U. Thanks to this television’s easy-to-navigate menu system, switching between HDMI inputs is a breeze. If you’re a retro gamer, the composite output is perfect for plugging in older systems like a Super Nintendo or a Sega Genesis. In fact, thanks to the LG Electronics television’s RF input, you can even hook up older systems such as the Atari 2600!


Avera 32-Inch 720p LED TV

The Avera 32-Inch 720p LED TV makes a good alternative to the LG Electronics 32-inch gaming TV. You’ll find a lot of similar features on this television, such as the same amount of HDMI slots, the same refresh rate and the same LED backlight technology. However, what you won’t find on this television is the composite or RF inputs:; it’s HDMI or nothing, which makes this television perfect for modern gamers who only have HDMI compatible gaming systems.

What the Avera television loses in functionality on the outside, it makes up for with the functionality on the inside. This television features a color enhancer to make your video game graphics pop. For example, with a bright and colorful game like “The Witcher 3,” you’ll be grateful that you’re gaming on an Avera television when you get an eyeful of the vivid colors. Combine the color enhancer with a powerful image processor and you’ve got visuals that are smooth as butter. In addition, this television enhances dark images, which is especially useful when you’re playing a game that revolves around shadows like “Dishonored: Definitive Edition.” With the Avera 32-inch gaming television, don’t be surprised if your friends vote to have the weekly gaming night at your house every week!



VIZIO 32-Inch 720p LED TV

Like the Avera and LG Electronics televisions, the VIZIO 32-Inch 720p LED TV offers a maximum resolution of 720p, enough HDMI slots for all of your video game consoles and even includes a USB port for devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick. What makes this television stand out is the full-array LED backlight, which evenly spreads light across the entire screen. The uniformity presents a visual consistency that you won’t find on other televisions, making images pop with a level of clarity that has to be seen to be believed. In addition, this television comes equipped with a “Game Mode” that automatically configures the television’s image settings to optimize the graphics of any video game played on it.

Vizio is not only known for manufacturing great televisions but also for great customer service. Included with every Vizio television is a one-year warranty that covers a variety of damage, including electric shocks and some forms of external damage. If you ever have any questions about your television that can’t be answered in the manual, Vizio has a team of US-based customer service representatives that are available to answer all of your questions. With an amazing picture and unbeatable customer support, you can’t go wrong with the Vizio 32-inch 720p gaming television.



TCL 32D2700 32-Inch 720p LED TV

TCL may not be a familiar brand name, but that doesn’t stop the TCL 32D2700 32-Inch 720p LED TV from being an amazing 32-inch gaming TV. While this television only has two HDMI inputs, it makes up for this by featuring an RF input along with a shared composite/component input. Like the LG Electronics television, these older inputs make the TCL 32-inch gaming TV perfect for both retro and modern gamers alike. You won’t find a lot of televisions that let you switch from enjoying “Super Mario World” on the Super Nintendo to “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” at the push of a button!

What makes the TCL 32-inch gaming TV stand out is TCL’s proprietary technology that is used to enhance the image quality. For example, the TCL True Color technology makes not only the colors more vibrant but gives the dark colors a deeper hue. Instead of a full-array LED backlight, the TCL 32-inch television uses direct LED backlighting, designed to give you a nice contrast between light and dark colors. In addition, this television is fully energy efficient, meaning you’ll save money on your electric bill: perfect for those all-night gaming marathon sessions.



Sony KDL32W600D 32-Inch Built-In Wi-Fi

The Sony KDL32W600D LED TV looks similar to other 32-inch gaming TVs upon first glance, but turn it on and you will immediately notice the superior picture quality, enhanced with Sony’s Motionflow technology to bring an outstanding refresh rate. The standard HDMI inputs and USB input ports are present on the back, as well as a headphone jack, letting you hook up  sound systems to the television. iN addition to this, the TV comes with WiFi and Smart TV functionality.

The inputs on this television wouldn’t be worth their weight in metal if the picture quality wasn’t up to par, and luckily the Sony 32-inch television, with X Reality Pro technology delivers. That means this television offers a beautiful picture with smooth images. If you’re looking for a television that will immerse you into the world of “Dragon Age: Inquisition – Game of the Year Edition”, you can’t go wrong with the Sony 32-inch LED TV.



Element 32″ LCD 720p 60Hz HDTV

Like the Upstar television, the Element 32″ LCD 720p 60Hz HDTV also doubles as a computer monitor thanks to the included VGA input. In addition, this television also has a USB input, letting you plug in a USB stick to view photos or an Amazon Fire Stick to gain easy access to Netflix, Hulu and a variety of other applications. This television’s slim design gives you a variety of options for displaying it, such as using the included stand to set up the television in an entertainment center or mounting it on a wall. For patriots, this television is fully assembled in the United States.

With a high contrast ratio, 60Hz refresh rate and 8ms response time, the Element 32-inch television looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside. In addition, this television comes loaded with features, including but not limited to an HD built-in tuner, 3D video noise reduction technology and 178-degree vertical and 178-degree horizontal angles, which let you get a crystal clear image no matter what angle you view the television from.



Proscan PLDED3276A 32-Inch LED TV

If you’re a gamer on a budget and the above televisions are too much money, check out the Proscan PLDED3276A 32-Inch LED TV. This lightweight budget 32-inch television may be lacking in some features, such as providing only one HDMI input, but the picture quality is just as good as any other television on this list. Whether you mount it on a wall or place it in an entertainment center, you’ll be blown away at how good this television makes your games look. With only one HDMI input, this television is perfect for the gamer who only owns one gaming console.



Samsung UN32J4000 32-Inch 720p LED TV

While there are a lot of 32-inch gaming televisions available from a variety of manufacturers, Samsung is likely the most recognizable name. As one of the leaders in television manufacturing, Samsung dominates the market, offering multiple televisions in each size class. The same is true with the Samsung 32-inch television, where the company offers no less than three different 32-inch televisions.

The Samsung UN32J4000 32-Inch 720p LED TV is an entry level 32-inch television. At the outset, this television offers many of the same features as the previous brands, like Element or Vizio, including two HDMI inputs, a USB input, an LED backlight. However, where the Samsung 32-inch 720p television stands out is in the internal features.

For starters, this television provides an audio experience unlike any other television on this list. This television decodes DTS-encoded content, such as an audio track found on a video game, to create an immersive and rich audio experience. Samsung’s Motion Rate 60 technology provides a smooth picture while the television’s “Game Mode” brings the colors of your video games to life in a way you’ve never seen before. In fact, because of the combination of audio and visual excellence, many gamers feel that this Samsung 32-inch television can’t be beaten.



Samsung 32″ Class 1080p LED Smart HDTV with Full Web Browser

However, that isn’t to say there aren’t alternatives from Samsung for those willing to spend a little more money. The Samsung 32″ Class 1080p LED Smart HDTV is, for all intents and purposes, a superior buy, with a greater resolution, Smart functions and a full web browser.

What does this mean for you as a gamer? A resolution of 1080p provides twice the clarity that you’ll find in 720p, giving you hands down the best picture available. It means that in games like “Need for Speed,” you’ll feel like you really were racing down the streets of Ventura Bay, trying to evade police. In “Guitar Hero Live,” you’ll see the crowd in such a clarity that you’ll begin to believe that you were really up on stage, rocking out for a full crowd. However, with this increase in resolution comes an increase in price.



Samsung UN32J5205 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

If you’re looking for even more features on your Samsung 32-inch television, the Samsung UN32J5205 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV is at the top of the food chain. While this television has the same features of the previous Samsung 1080p television, with exception to the full web browser, it has one major difference: it’s a lot cheaper. With built-in Wi-Fi technology, the Smart TV is a media player as well as a television. This television offers a built-in way to watch not only Netflix, YouTube and Hulu, but if you own a Samsung Galaxy phone, you can also connect it to the television to share photos.

Being a Smart TV isn’t the only thing this Samsung television has going for it. The Wide Color Enhancer technology not only increases the vibrancy of the colors on a high-definition format but also on older, standard-definition formats as well, such as DVD. If you own other Samsung devices, such as a surround sound system, you can use the television’s built-in Wi-Fi feature to connect them to the television thanks to the Samsung Anynet+ feature. The Eco Sensor feature lets the television change its brightness based on the brightness of the room it’s in, which not only helps provide the best picture possible but also saves you money on your electric bill. If you’re looking for one of the best 32-inch gaming televisions that also offers a lot of additional features, the Samsung 32-inch Smart LED TV can’t be beaten.



Regardless of which 32-inch gaming TV you purchase, you’ll find a high-quality product that provides an amazing picture. Every one of these televisions is the perfect companion to an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 and will bring your games to life in a way you just can’t do with an older television. The best part is that none of these televisions will break your budget, leaving you with plenty of additional money for extra controllers, headsets or even more games!

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